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What Is It

Shoppster is a personalization solution issuing targeted offers, coupons and messages to fulfil your customers’ expectations.

Don’t let your customers to be mystery shoppers when shopping and checking out in your stores!

Know your customers well and keep them returning to your store!

Optimize your promotions and communications based on each customer’s wants and expectations.

Actively reward your customers to drive loyalty and sales!


Shoppster can help you improve your customers loyalty, even without a loyalty card program!

Shoppster Engine integrates seamlessly!


With no changes or added printers into your current system,
gain your customers loyalty.



Quickly setup Shoppster with no new hardware. Start printing coupons on your receipts today.

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How It Works


Your shoppers at the checkout



Communication based on shopping behavior



Your shoppers in real-time



Loyalty to bring back your shoppers



A complete solution for personalizing the communication with shoppers at checkout.

Personalize and print coupons in real-time, deliver to each shopper at checkout, know when they are rebated, and turned into profit.


Shoppster is bundled into Shoppster Suite

Shoppster Campaigns

Create your campaigns in a simple and intuitive way!

Customize the campaign according to your goals! Communicate new products, promote season specials or a simple promotion.

Customize the communication with shoppers

Build new campaign rapidly

Easy to setup at your desk

Ready to use campaign templates

An intuitive dashboard to build campaigns and evaluate the reports.


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Shoppster Coupons

Prompted coupons at the checkout!

Issue personalized coupons in real-time based on, customers profile and interests, historic purchases and current basket.

Offer personalized coupon to every shopper at checkout

Customize branding (single or multiple brands in receipts)

Full control of coupon rebates – single or multiple time rebate

Transform normal receipts into extra sales and returning customers

Increase campaigns ROI

Easily convert normal receipts or digital/mobile into a loyalty channel and drive back shoppers to the stores.


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Shoppster Messages

Personalized messages on receipts!

Convert normal receipts to an effective communication channel. Offer personalized messages on the receipts.

Personalize messages

Show total loyalty gains and benefits on receipts

Offer relevant information on receipts like new products and special campaigns

Communicate holiday seasons messages, special greetings and social or community campaigns

Reach the right target and motivate them to return to the store.


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Shoppster e-Receipts

Send e-Receipts to customers’ inbox!

Send electronic receipts to the shoppers’ email. Get more from e-Receipts by sending helpful information such as new recipes, product suggestions, coupons and more.

Offer receipts in digital format (e-Receipts)

Send e-Receipts and reduce paper waste

Reduce your carbon footprint and encourage more environmentally friendly behaviour

A direct marketing opportunity to target and retarget shoppers.


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Shoppster Analytics

Rich data for a better decision making!

Collect real-time, relevant and permissible data from shoppers. Have a holistic view of your customers, their preferences, purchase history and frequency.

Turn massive customer data into easy-to-understand information

Make informed decisions based on real-time and historic data analytics

Increase campaigns’ success rates and stores’ profits

Track customer life cycle, value and membership

An information hub for shoppers’ data, purchase history and preferences

Analyse the data and maximize your campaigns’ ROI based on accurate, real-time and relevant inputs.


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Shoppster can create a loyalty layer even without a loyalty card!

Through cleaver monitoring of transactions and coupon rebating flow, Shoppster can bundle individual sales on to a virtual anonymous profile linked to the current customer.

Build shopper profiles for non tagged sales

Monitor specific Transactional Data assets to produce a shopper identification token

No need for Loyalty cards or unique identifiers

Track customer life cycle, purchases and behaviour

True personalised actions towards anonymous shopper, based on shopping profile and history

That’s loyalty without the burden of loyalty cards or identification at checkout.


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1. Does Shoppster require integration?

No, Shoppster does not require integration. It operates seamlessly with any POS.

2. Which industries can use Shoppster?

Shoppster Suite is available for all retailers, fashion stores, grocers, supermarkets, DIYs, and restaurants

3. What is required to implement Shoppster in my retail?

Shoppster is a centralized plugin solution, which has decoupled the coupon issuing from POS. We only need to access your POS system to install a virtual printer then take it from there.

4. Does Shoppster need any hardware?

No, it is a 100% software solution. For implementing Shoppster into your retail store, there are no changes or added printers into your current system.

5. How does Shoppster work?

The solution involves installing a virtual printer on the POS. Virtual Printer allows you to control printer and print coupons according to the shopper’s basket.

6. How much does it cost?

Since Shoppster is a customized solution, we need to have some information about your retail. We recommend booking yourself a demo by filling up the form below or send an email to

7. Do I have to buy the complete solution (Shoppster Suite) or can I purchase one module only?

Shoppster can be purchased either as a complete Shoppster Suite solution or just in modules (e.g. Shoppster Loyalty).

8. How long does it take to implement the solution?

Shoppster takes an average of one month to implement.

10. How can I see the Shoppster solution?

We strongly recommend booking a demo by filling up the form below or send an email to We will be glad to showcase the solution.


Shoppster is a product developed by Xhockware, a company focused on designing, creating and implementing solutions for retail physical stores.


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